Our story

The inn comes by the desire of our father Giacomino who as a child dreamed about the creation of a restaurant in the uncles’s wood, a place with a spectacular view over Bellagio. When he was a boy started to built it by himself during his leisure time.
The restaurant opened in 1981 and we, still four little children, started to work helping our mother Elisabetta, the cook.
Our country cooking resumes the tastes and frugality of meals of the rural world where our parents grew up.
As adults, we decided to pursue the traces of this dream. Alessandro, cook graduated and Chiara, accountant, manage together the restaurat. Cristiana and Isacco, respectively Agriculture graduated and dairyman, continued the activity of farmers as their grandfather Basil. In 1998 they created the farm “I DRENN” and the restaurant uses their products: milk, cheese, butter, yogurt, berries, jams and mustard.

Some informations

From May up to September we are opened every day eccept on TUESDAY
Reservation is recommended
Tel +39-339-8240771